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We take pride in working with a variety of brands in the cannabis space. Whether you're a grower or a manufacturer our team can help you to find the success you desire.


Med-X is our CBD heavy brand developed for consumers looking to realize the benefits of CBD in its proper ratio of THC inclusion. CBD is most effective when the proper balance of CBD and THC exist. Because it is above the .3% THC tolerance set by the FDA, our products are not looking to latch on to the latest CBD craze, but educate consumers of the proper entourage effect needed to make the product truly effective.

The Legends CA

Our Legends line aims to preserve the heritage of high quality original strains in an effort to educate new consumers where the basis of high quality started from seed. The Legends line also takes a leap forward infusing terpenes from these legendary original strains with natural flavors in high quality distillate to help ease the palate of smokers looking for a new way to consume.

Pure Fyre

The Pure Fyre brand is our leading exotics line geared towards bringing the consumer the newest and most creative strains in the industry. Pure Fyre is also home to our Fyre Styx branded hardware, which was developed specifically for THC and heavy oil use.