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We are a cannabis company focused on leading the industry out of the shadows of the black market and into the new world. Through education, responsible cultivation and cutting edge manufacturing processes, we feel it is our duty as a legal and licensed corporation to help re-define the perception and social acceptance of this industry.

With over 40 years of combined experience in Cannabis, our owners have cultivated not only plants but a vast collection of knowledge and best practices. The drive to advance the industry also keeps a balance within our corporation to keep moving forward and learning each day, how to improve in technique for cultivation, manufacturing and distribution.

Vangarde Group California has cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail across California, with our largest presence in Los Angeles and Desert Hot Springs. Our company is able to provide quality products through our own brands as well as provide private label and wholesale raw material for the industry.


Vangarde Group California is a leading cannabis company, licensed and based in California. It cultivates, manufactures and distributes not only high quality, but diversified products aimed to help consumers of all experience ranges find the right fit for their Cannabis needs.

What people are saying?

Living with PTSD I have trouble sleeping at times. Vangarde’s Med-X brand tinctures have really helped me sleep through the night!

Lexi San Dimas, CA

What people say?

LOVE the Legends, especially the Pre 98 Bubba flower & the Papa Purp pod. Their flower is beautiful and their pods taste delicious. It’s really hard to find quality products these days so I’m very happy I found them.

Elsie Fontana, CA

What people say?

For years i have struggled with finding a regular sleep pattern. Some nights up all night, falling asleep at my desk, causing stress, anxiety, resulting in less drive at work, the gym, and in my daily life. Have taken almost every sleeping pill known to man, with either minimal positive results and a host of negative side effects. A friend turned me on to CBD, specifically the Med-X pod & Fyre Styx pod system. It has been about a month and have seen amazing results falling asleep, staying asleep and waking rested and ready to tackle the day. It has relieved me of the biggest stress of my life, and in turn changed my daily life in a positive way!

Gary Anaheim, CA